I really hate when dev feels like they are so intelligent and uses super advanced language feature just to avoid writing a little bit of bolderplate code -_-' (and this is not worth the maintainence cost, really.)

Ah yeah, for the context this is dynamically generating a new type of class.

This also makes code harder to read and to make it predictable and straightforward.

And because it's late and I can rant alone: you could have simply create a list of existing class for all your situation (yes really, it's not that hard) and just use a dictionary for handler_class → TheGoodClass.

There, much more understandable and easier to read (and I'm sure you don't have enough different situation to justify this magic and even with that I doubt you can justify it.)


@bram sure, but you’d have to update the list every time you add / remove / rename a class

@sxpert yes and you do it because code is more read than written and this bolderplate is worth it

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